CC's Marketing & Appraisal Services
If you have buttons you'd like to sell, just e-mail me to discuss your needs once you review my guidelines. Click here if you have web browser e-mail set up or copy and paste the second e-mail to insert in the "to" part of your e-mail program: (or copy and paste this)

Sorry but I don't accept e-mailed photo attachments until I've talked to you and know they are coming. But since you will be offering buttons for sale online please have good images ready once you have reviewed the kind of buttons I'm looking for.

Here are some basic guidelines if you'd like me to consider buying your buttons:

First please look this link to my Button Information Index. The types of buttons I'd likely want to buy are shown here on many different pages. If you have buttons like these please image the front and backs. If you image several at a time just be sure to flip them over in order of the fronts so I know what backs go with what fronts. See what kind of buttons I like click HERE.

Here's another link. While the buttons shown here are vintage and quite pretty in general they are common sewing and craft buttons, not appealing to serious button collectors who make up 99% of my customer base so I don't buy buttons like these. Click HERE to see a nice group of non-collectible vintage sewing and craft grade buttons which I already have too many of.

I can only pay half my assessed retail value for the buttons you have for sale and YOU NEED TO FIRST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR COLLECTION UP FRONT. If you do not have an asking price I'm sorry but we cannot discuss the purchase of your collection. I may be able to offer consignment selling of your better buttons or offer an appraisal for a separate fee.

If you are shopping your collection around to several dealers please just keep dealing with them. I don't deal with sellers who are talking to a lot of dealers at once. If it's not just me you want to deal with please just move on. Thanks for your understanding. I've been used by sellers just to get a free appraisal which was then used against me with dealers I know. That's not a situation I will allow in the future.

To know a little more about me, in short I've been collecting buttons since 1998, the same year I started offering some on eBay and just a year later I started my website. Here's a page on my website with a little more information about me, click Here.

I am a member of the following Button Societies and Clubs: National Button Society; California Button Society; ButtonBytes Online Button Club; MilButtons Online Button Club; Los Angeles Button Club; Western Region Button Assn. (WRBA). I've judged at Michigan State Button Society show, California State Button Society show, National Button Society show, WRBA. For about six years I have served as the Calif. State Button Society's awards chair. I am immediate past president of the Los Angeles Button Club, a position I held for 9 years.

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