Charmstring Images

Here are some close up images of buttons on the 500 piece antique charmstring measuring over 9 feet long. This charmstring was in an informal button museum run by Barbara Bibbins of Mountainburg, Arkansas. Fine folk art, great buttons, totally authentic, no modern buttons on this string. 6 buttons of the 500 are missing their glass faces, I presume they were kaleidoscopes as those do come apart easily. 494 buttons remain, some are noticably chipped, others are in amazing condition, generally all the remaining buttons are in fair to excellent condition, very little metal rusting. Below the images are text links to the entire charmstring image and 5 close-ups of the 9 foot strand along with a material count breakdown of all the buttons on this string. If you want to contact me just click here to e-mail:
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Individual Interesting Buttons On Charmstring

Tint Brass
Centennial 1876 Uniform

Center, Goodyear Hard Rubber

Black Black Glass Swirlback Coronet
Antique Carnival Iridescent Glass

Pretty lady head, probably compo.

Mirror back, lustered black glass
State Seal

Same state seal (Michigan)
Patriotic Brass Drum

Lustered Black Glass Elephant

Tint Brass Lilly Of The Valley

Floral brass
Compo. Inlay
Black Glass Paisley

Tint brass pansy
2pc Veg Ivory Hat
Goodyear Rubber

Diaper Pat. Goodyear
Glory Drum
Compo. Fan (4 on string)

2 pretty tinted brass.

Fan, Japanned

Enameled black glass
Tint Brass, Insect

Reverse Painted Glass
Lustered Black Glass

Black Glass Insect

Star White Mtl.
Tint Brass Beetle
Close-up Right

Beetle Close-Up

Cone Black Glass Swirlback
Japanned Engraved Leaf
Openwork Tint Brass
Composition Bird

Impressed Black Glass Beetle

Riveted Black Glass
5 in collection.

Tint Brass Shell

Intermixed Molded Glass
Charmstring Overlay Swirlback, Green

2 Brass
Paisley Comp. Inlay
Lustered Black Glass
Lustered Cobalt Glass

Green Composition
Black Glass
Charmstring Swirlback
Iridescent Black Glass

Purple Banded China
Twinkle Border Warrior
Two cross Black Glass
Fluted Clear Glass Dome

Veg. Ivory Ball
Blue Compo. Bird Inlay
Incised Black Glass Beetle
Incised Ruby Glass

Goodyear marked 1951 Liberty Head
hard rubber.

Patriotic small brass, anchor device.

Brilliantly colored hobnail china.

Here are more pictures including: The whole Charmstring;
Segment close-ups from start to end, all 9 feet: #1; #2; #3; #4; #5

Here is a count of the types of buttons included on this string: 151 Brass metal; 49 White Metal; 19 Composition (including inlays); 141 Black Glass; 11 Mother of Pearl; 12 Hard Rubber w/Goodyear Patent backmark; 16 Horn; 23 Vegetable Ivory, including a scarce 2-pc hat; 28 China; 5 Japanned Engraved Metals; 33 Clear & Colored Glass; 4 Uniform; 2 Patriotic brass; 5 Glass in metal; 2 Fabric covered. Included in the counts above are some duplicates including 5 medium riveted black glass; 2 grey fleck opaque glass; 4 composition fan pictorials. In black and clear/colored glass there are at least 14 of the small antique glass buttons collectors call "charmstring swirlbacks".